When simple is done well, everything falls into place. Communication is clear, strategies tailored and all the excess fluff is diluted. Providing exceptional clarity in real estate throughout the Newcastle region, WLS specialise in keeping things simple from start to finish.

Wielding a mighty team with value-packed experience and a complementary range of passions and skillsets, WLS bring you a seamless property experience. Having navigated the crazy and quiet real estate rollercoaster over recent years as separate entities, Jesse Wilton, Tom Lemke and Nick Stewart have come together to bring you extraordinary industry insight, customised marketing strategies and a wealth of knowledge to benefit your bottom line.

Bringing together almost 30 years of collective experience and down-to-earth visions of a better way of keeping business real, WLS offers a fresh approach to real estate. It’s about providing quality over quantity, cutting out the unnecessary aspects of the real estate process and embracing a more streamlined blueprint to get back to the basics.

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or building your portfolio, there’s no overwritten, overcomplicated, confusing jargon or convoluted sales processes.

Drop in and say G’Day at 328 King Street, Newcastle.